Culture & History

Thassos island is considered to be a world heritage site due to its long history and culture. Here, the visitor discovers a multitude of extremely well-preserved monuments of all historical periods.

The island is continually-inhabited since ancient times, when the citizens of Paros colonized the island back in the 7th century BC.  

Then followed the Roman and Byzantine period, when piracy became a major issue for the residents of the island. It was at that period that many of the island’s villages were created in order for safety to be ensured, hence from that point on the island was inhabited both in the mainland and close to the sea. The villages that are built close to the sea usually have the adjective ‘Skala’ in their name which means staircase (metaphorically a point of entry).

Later on began the Post Ottoman period in 1813 when the Turkish sultan granted the island to Mehmet Ali of Egypt, who was raised on the island. Finally, it returned under Turkish rule in 1902 and at last in 1912, the island became officially part of the Greek state.

 This brings us to the present , when during the World War II Thassians resisted the Italians in 1940 but unfortunately the island went under German rule until 1944, when it finally became independent and has remained so since.

Due to its long history, it is of no surprise that the island’s capital now hosts one of the most important archaeological museums in Greece, after the Acropolis museum. In the halls of the building the visitor will have the chance to admire exhibits from the Paleolithic until the Roman era (7th BC - 7th AD), such as prehistoric pieces of jewelry, relics and statues, as well as he can roam through the history of the ancient Olympic medalist Theagenis, discovering the legend of the Olympic Games first hand.

Exiting the museum, the past revives before your eyes through the images of the ancient market of Thassos. Take a stroll along the port and you can visit ‘Kalogeriko’-a two-storey traditional building, where exhibitions of various artists and cultural events take place.

The emerald island is a mixture of the past and the present that will get you to stand in awe before the beauties of this majestic island.

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