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If your life is busy and hectic and you need to get away from your everyday routine and finally relax, then the island of Thassos offers you a variety of choices and ways to do so; pick the accommodation that is best suited to your needs and taste, and find yourself in the plush mountains or down by the lapping sea of Thassos island.

Whether your intention is to relax by the sea on one of our stunning sandy beaches with the mesmerizing, turquoise waters or wander in the mainland around the picturesque traditional villages, you will certainly fall in love with our amazing emerald island. 

Learn about the ancient Greek history, as well as the island’s, and become yourself a part of it by visiting the thassian museums, exploring the ancient sites and reviving the past while wandering in the old market.

Stroll down the winding streets aligned with bars and restaurants under the moonlight and brace yourselves before the view of the sun diving into the clear, light blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

One thing is certain that when leaving the amazing island of Thassos you will take with you memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

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