Personalized Services

Philoxenous team is fully prepared to provide you with the best possible accommodation on Thassos island, Kavala city or the peninsula of Chalkidiki, thus ensuring an unforgettable holiday. All of Philoxenous services have been carefully designed to be adjustable to your needs.

On the back end of Philoxenous website, our team is ready and willing to answer any of your questions. We work hard to provide you only with accurate, detailed and up-to-date information. In any case, if you want any clarification or additional information, you can contact us via phone, email, or even visit our offices after your arrival on Thassos island, where you will find a reliable member of our staff to help you.

Who We Are

Philoxenous is an experienced, reliable provider of hotel accommodation offering expert knowledge and exclusive deals.

Philoxenous Verified

We can guarantee to you that what you see if what you get, we would not suggest to you a hotel that was not suitable for your needs.

We’re here to help

Feel the need to speak to a person, want something clarified or just need to ask a question you can contact us by email or phone where you will find a reliable member of our staff to help you.

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