Adventure & Nature

If you are an adrenaline junkie, an avid nature and adventure lover, then Thassos island is the ideal destination for you. There are innumerable chances for action and excitement that will get your adrenaline pumping when exploring every inch of this small Aegean island.

On the island you can enjoy hiking, climbing, riding a mountain bike or even a horse and become part of the nature of the island, yourself. Discover the tracks and trails that will guide you through the villages in the mainland of the island. Follow the mystical paths to the top of mount Ipsarion(1204m), where you’ll discover the breath-taking view of the island from high above along with the image of the untamed waves of the Aegean Sea undulate as if dancing, when they gently lap at the shores of the emerald island.

Indulge in the most abundant nature as you go through the tracks, enchanted by the virgin environment that you come across your way, or if you feel lazier you can follow the same route with a Jeep and enjoy the thrill of being on the rocky edges of the mountains.

If your heart lies in the sea, then you can choose between taming the waves of the spectacular turquoise waters around the island with activities such as water-skiing, scuba diving, jet-skiing or you can just relax on a sailboat in the open ocean, while inhaling the fresh air of the sea breeze, thus realizing the unbelievable challenges that await you on the spectacularly wild, island of Thassos!

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